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Belotero Balance

Buy Belotero Balance to smoothen out folds and wrinkles on your patients’ face. This product is an injection that has shown to be able to smooth out as well as fill in the severe to moderate wrinkles and folds. The most common sign of aging that it handles quite excellently is nasolabial folds, or the lines that go from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Anybody aged 18 and above should be able to make use of this product in their anti-aging campaign. However, we have some recommended criteria to make sure that the patient finds the right fit in Belotero Balance. Patients with;

  • Moderate to deep facial wrinkles and lines
  • Good overall health
  • No allergies to hyaluronic acid

There are other factors that should come in the process of decision-making, and it is up to the clinic’s discretion to give the final say on whether or not this solution is the right one for the patient.

Areas Treated with Belotero Balance

The face is the part of the body that this product targets. Although previously mentioned that it is particularly powerful against nasolabial folds, it can also correct a lot of signs of aging on the different areas of the face. The chin, cheeks, and forehead are only some examples of these, and Belotero Balance has the ability to make them fade away.

How Does Belotero Balance Work?

This solution is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable that boasts complete integration into the dermal tissue, ensuring that overall spread of the formulation as well as enhanced benefits of the products are observed. Different from certain dermal fillers that make use of volume rebuilding to restore structure, Belotero Balance specifically aims at combating severe-to-moderate lines and wrinkles, similar to vertical lip lines, and nasolabial folds.  This formulation was created by making use of Merz Aesthetic’s proprietary Cohesive Polydensified Matrix process, also known as CPM. Because of this, a flexible, smooth gel is produced which blends well into the natural skin structure, and it then gently fills in the stubborn wrinkles and lines on the face.

Treatment Details

Only trained medical professionals who are licensed to apply such products as these should be injecting this solution into the patient. Once the area to be treated has been decided upon, the next step is to cleanse that spot on the face in order to make sure excess oil and dirt are removed. Topical numbing cream can also be applied on this stage as to ensure patient comfort. A sterile, thin gauge needle is then used to inject the solution into the area, commonly involving multiple small injections placed at the targeted area of the face.

How Long Does Belotero Balance Last?

Although dependent on the physiology and lifestyle of the patient, results are usually expected to last for at least 6 months, and up to a year. Treatment results usually still show after the 6-month mark, and patients opt to take treatments every 6 months to maintain these results.

Safety Information

Both CE marked and FDA approved, this product has more than enough to back up how safe it is to use. However, there are still some contraindications for patients that needs to be taken note of. People who are taking medicines that affect the clotting of the blood should not use this product. Patients who also have untoward skin reactions like cold sores, pimples, cysts, and rashes should avoid this formulation. If the product is to be used, the skin conditions should clear out completely first. Patients who are also taking medication that affect the immune system should also not use this product, as well as pregnant or lactating women.

Other Side Effects: 

The side-effects that come up post-treatment are usually redness, swelling, and itchiness. Inflammation can also occur, but all of these should fix themselves within a week of treatment.

Recovery Time

Within 24 hours of taking the treatment, patients should avoid extensive sun or heat exposure, avoid taking aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, stay away from any strenuous activity, and not drink any alcoholic beverages. After a full day of this, and if no side-effects are observed, the patient should be able to go back to regular day-to-day activities with no issue.

Bottom Line

Merz Aesthetics have knocked it out of the ballpark again with Belotero balance. This product not only produces high-tier ability in clearing out wrinkles and folds, but it is also very long-lasting, with even the most stringent treatment courses only happening once every 6 months. Trusted by clinics and patients alike, Belotero Balance is sure to be beneficial for patients who wish to combat moderate-to-deep folds and lines.

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