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Fillmed X-HA Volume

Buy Fillmed X-HA Volume for your patients to give them that additional volume they need to smoothen out those lines and wrinkles. As we get older, we naturally lose a lot of the substances that help keep out skin healthy, leading to the signs of aging like wrinkles and saggy skin. This product can help treat those signs as it adds a little bit of plump back under the skin, giving the face an overall younger, healthier look.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Anybody who is aged 18 and above can technically choose this product for use on their skin. However, there is no need to start the fight against the signs of aging to early, especially considering the mid 20s are some of the best years in terms of skin health. This product is recommended for use on those patients who wish to smooth out the lines slowly appearing on areas of their face, as well as lift up some of the skin that has begun to sag as a result of volume loss.

Areas Treated with Fillmed X-HA Volume

  • Cheeks – One of the most common places to find the earliest signs of aging, the cheeks are a prime area for target of this solution. It can also give much needed volume to minimize the look of gaunt, sunken cheeks.
  • Chin – Some loss of volume as well as fine lines are expected to appear in this area with the onset of age. The solution can also add some volume here, recontouring and effectively reshaping the face.
  • Brow – Glabellar lines or wrinkled foreheads are a sign of being stressed and worried most of the time. The solution can effectively give the patient a relaxed, more approachable look when treating this area.
  • Corner of the Eyes – Crow’s feet are effectively smoothened out when using Fillmed X-HA Volume.

How does Fillmed X-HA Volume work?

Fillmed X-HA Volume is one of the products in Fillmed’s line that has a non-animal based, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid that aims to treat multiple signs of aging with optimal volume addition. The hyaluronic acid in the formulation is gotten via a biofermentation method, and is then crosslinked with BDDE for an optimized process that produces exceptional levels of stability and purity.

X-HA Volume is specifically tailored to do the heavy lifting when it comes to late-stage signs of aging, being able to remove tough wrinkles and lines, and it is also able to restore the volume in areas of the face where it is lacking, effectively recontouring and reshaping the face.

The composition of this product includes the aforementioned highly crosslinked 23mg/ml of hyaluronic acid with an exceptionally high molecular weight of 2.5 million DA, proteins, BDDE crosslinking, a phosphate buffer, and endotoxins.

Treatment Details

Similar to medical devices like this, only trained medical practitioners should apply this solution on patients. After case history and physiology is cleared, the area of injection should be cleansed. The solution should be injected into the mid or deep dermis depending on the severity of the symptoms, as well as the level of correction needed. After injection, the area treated should be gently massaged to enhance dispersion of the solution. The mixture itself has high cohesivity and optimal viscosity, making it easy to spread all over the target area.

How Long Does Fillmed X-HA Volume Last?

The actual duration of the effects is highly dependent upon the lifestyle and physiology of the patient so it usually varies case to case. Generally speaking, though, this product is known to last for around 12-18 months, which is impressive long lasting considering how severe the cases this solution commonly treats.

Safety Information

Fillmed X-HA Volume has received a CE mark, speaking highly of its overall safety profile, but there are still some contraindications that disqualify certain patients from using it. People with known allergies or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredient should avoid this product. Lactating or pregnant women should not use this, and neither should minors. Any area of the skin that has signs of infection or inflammation should not be injected with this solution either, and it needs to clear up first before it can be treated.

Other Side Effects 

  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Firmness
  • Bruising
  • Redness
  • Itching

Recovery Time

There is little to no necessary downtime when using this product and normal activities can be continued immediately after treatment. It is still recommended to avoid overexposure to sunlight and strenuous activities at least for the first 24 hours, though.

Cost of Fillmed X-HA Volume

The average cost per package of Fillmed X-HA Volume is around $77. The box contains two 1ml of the solution, and four needles that are at 27G ½.

Bottom Line

With its long-lasting effects combined with how well it treats severe lines and wrinkles, it’s already hard to find reasons not to use it as is. Combine it with the fact that it has a very affordable price point, and it’s obvious just how beneficial having Fillmed X-HA Volume available for use in a clinic is.

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