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Filorga Post Peel

Buy Filorga Post Peel to give your patients a perfect product for use after their main chemical peel. This product is a solution used by many medical professionals as a neutralizer for after the chemical peel has been applied, having it soother the treated skin. It has a pH level of 8, and it also comes in a spray dispenser bottle, making for easier application.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Filorga Post Peel is safe to use alongside other chemical peels, and has also been proven to be safe to use on all kinds of skin types. This product was developed to be used in combination with the chemical peels that Filorga manufactures like Filorga Bright Peel and Filorga Light Peel though, and will work best when used in tandem with the aforementioned products.

Areas Treated with Filorga Post Peel

The treatment is used particularly on the face, and more specifically, where the main skin peel is planned to be applied. So, if the main peel solution is to be used on the forehead, that is also where Filorga Post Peel should be applied after.

How does Filorga Post Peel work?

Just as the pre peel is used to cleanse and balance the pH levels of the treated areas before the actual chemical peel, the post peel is used to rebalance the pH of the skin after application of the main peel. This is for the skin’s safety, so that the acids of the main peel and other compounds are neutralized. If this isn’t done, it is possible that a burning sensation might be felt on the skin, which will actually hinder the skin cells’ resistance against acidification. The ingredients of Filorga Post Peel were carefully selected and the mixture properly formulated in order to target the chemical peel process specifically, neutralizing the acid and then balancing the pH to soothe the target area.

The ingredients of this solution include sodium dextran sulfate, phenoxyethanol, sodium bicarbonate, sodium methylparaben, and water. The sodium bicarbonate is the main ingredient in charge of the acid neutralization, halting the acidification of the targeted area of skin.

Treatment Details

As with the main chemical peel this product might be paired with, Filorga Post Peel should only be applied by medical professionals that are licensed to apply such treatments in accordance with local laws. After the main chemical peel has been applied to the patient’s skin, it should be left to set there for 3 minutes, or if the solution is not a Filorga product, depending on the manufacturer instructions. The post peel solution should then be sprayed onto a compress or cotton pad, then gently applied to the treatment area.

It is of utmost importance to apply Filorga Post Peel to every area where the main chemical peel was applied, and it the regular areas to avoid for the main peel should be avoided by the post peel as well, like the mouth, eyes, and mucous membranes. Another pad or compress should then be used to absorb some water, and then rinse the entire area of application.

How Long Does Filorga Post Peel Last?

If used in conjunction with the Filorga Pre Peel and Filorga Peel products, the entire session should take around 10 minutes. The duration of the chemical peel’s results will vary depending on the physiology of the patient and their lifestyle, but with Filorga’s other chemical peels, the average duration is around 1 to 2 months.

Safety Information

This product has the CE mark of approval, lending to its high safety profile. The plant where the solution is manufactured also has an ISO certification 14644 and 13485. However, there are some contraindications disqualifying certain patients from use.

  • Not to be put into contact with mucous membranes or eyes
  • For external use only
  • Should be avoided if there are allergies or hypersensitivities to any ingredients

Other Side Effects 

These effects are for the most part fleeting and will last up to a week at most. If these persist, patients are urged to visit the doctor immediately.

  • Sun sensitivity
  • Skin Irritation
  • Hypersensitivity or allergy

Cost of Filorga Post Peel

Each package of Filorga Post Peel on average will cost around $33, which contains the spray dispenser bottle filled with 100ml of the solution.

Bottom Line

For optimal results in chemical peel treatments, using all Filorga products is recommended. However, Filorga Post Peel does work well with other chemical peels, and has shown to be just as effective at cleansing the skin of the acidic solution after it has done its job.

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