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Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops

Buy Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops for patients that have bacterial eye infections. This medication is active against a wide variety of gram-positive organisms, most specifically staphylococci. Other notable species which react with high clinical activity include Pneumococci, Haemophilus, Streptococci, Moraxella, Corynebacteria, Neisseria.

What makes a good candidate?

This medication is specifically tailored towards helping patients suffering from bacterial infection in the eye. It can also be used for prophylaxis in ophthalmic surgery and in relation to the removal of foreign bodies.

Areas Treated with Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops

This solution targets the eyes.

How does Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops work?

This solution contains an antibiotic named fusidic acid, which is mainly used to treat infections that are mostly found on the surface of the eye. This includes inflammation in the white of the eye, sty, and eyelid inflammation. One thing to note is that Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops are only effective against bacteria that are killable by fusidic acid. This acid is actually comparatively mild, and is encased in a gel that will gradually release the fusidic acid when it is applied. It becaomes a clear liquid in the tear fluid of the eye, and this clear liquid prevents the vision from blurring.

Treatment Details

The recommended dosage of Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops is one drop into each affected eye, and it should be administered twice a day at approximately 12-hour intervals. The patient should open the eye, tilt the head backwards, and look up. The lower eyelid is pulled down to catch the drop being excreted by the eyedrop. The top of the tube should not touch the eyelids, the lashes, or the eye itself. After application, the eyes should be closed for around 2 minutes, and they should not be rubbed. After opening them again, the patient should not blink their eyes for a short time.

How long does Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops last?

This routine should be followed for 48 hours or until the eye appears to have returned to normal. This will also depend on the doctor’s recommendation. If the tube has been opened for longer than 28 days, it should not be used anymore.

Safety Information

Any patients who have demonstrated hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops.

Other Side Effects 

Less serious possible side effects of Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops are:

  • Eye soreness
  • Eye tearing
  • Headache
  • Sticky eyelids
  • Temporary blurred vision or eye stinging, irritation

Serious side effects of this medicine include:

  • Eyelid swelling
  • Worsening eye irritation or redness
  • Allergic reaction signs

Recovery Time 

Patients should not use any contact lenses that have not been approved by the doctor. No other eye medication should be used unless cleared by the doctor either. Patient should also avoid driving or any activity that requires being able to see clearly when making use of this medication.

Cost of Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops

Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops on average costs around $9 per tube.

Bottom line

Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops are a great and quick solution to several eye surface irritations and problems, and they also come at a great price point. As long as it is ascertained that the bacteria causing the symptoms is killed by fusidic acid, the patient should be able to use this to great effect.

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