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Stylage XL 

Buy Stylage XL for your patients that need to get rid of skin depressions. This product is a medical device which has a hyaluronic acid base and is combined with mannitol, which is specifically designed to get rid of deep wrinkles like oral commissures and nasolabial folds. It also has a concentration of 26mg/g of hyaluronic acid.

Who are the best candidates?

The ones best suited for this product are those who are experiencing some of the late-stage signs of aging like deep lines and severe wrinkles, as well as skin depressions.  However, patients with HIVE-related lipodystrophy are able to observe significant improvement to their face.

Areas targeted with Stylage XL

This product has the ability to target skin depressions which can be tricky to treat at times. It can also help remove or reduce some other deep or severe wrinkles found on the cheeks, temples, and other areas of the face.

How does Stylage XL work?

Signs of aging are not only limited to wrinkles and fine lines, but also the redistribution of subcutaneous fat. This means that some areas of the face may seem to fall into itself, making them look hollow and sunken, and will also enhance the depth of some wrinkles. Stylage XL is a product which is created using hyaluronic acid that was cross-linked and processed using their patented IPN-Like Technology. This allows them to create tightly bound gel minimizing the necessity of using BDDE. The gel will then have a smooth consistency which is better suited for skin integration in various injection sites.

Treatment Details

Medical history and expectations should be discussed before injection. Only qualified medical professionals are allowed to apply this product onto patients. Make use of the needle provided in the package and attach it onto the pre-filled syringe. The solution can be injected either into the deep dermis or subcutaneous areas, and afterwards, the area targeted should be massaged to ensure proper gel distribution. Any areas that show active infections or inflammations should be avoided.

How long does Stylage XL last?

The length will vary depending on the physiology and lifestyle of the patient, but on average this treatment can last for up to 12 months. This is the point where the gel will disintegrate into the neighboring tissues, and maintenance treatments can then be taken depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

Safety Information

This produce has the CE mark, and has been used safely on patients countless times. However, there are still some patients who are no compatible with this kind of solution, and this includes:

  • Children
  • Lactating or pregnant women
  • Patients with known hypersensitivity with any of the ingredients
  • Patients that tend to develop hypertrophic scars

Other Side Effects 

Although there is still a very minimal risk for infection with procedures like this, it is extremely low when doctors follow thorough aseptic practices. These are some of the more common side effects when using this product:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Temporary redness

These are some rare but severe side effects

  • Pigmentation
  • Intense tenderness

Recovery Time 

Patients are advised to not use makeup on the targeted area for the next few days, and no overexposure to the sun as well. They are also advised to avoid extreme heat or extreme cold for at least 1 day after the treatment.

Cost of Stylage XL 

On average the solution costs around $163 per package. It includes two 1ml prefilled syringes, and two 23G 1 ¼ needles.

Bottom line

The product is known to be quite effective at removing the severe depressions sometime found on patients, and has been lauded for how easy it is to apply. Note that this product must be kept in a clean, dry, and cool place with temperatures between 2℃ and 25℃.

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