ZADİTEN® EYE DROP 0.025% (Non-English)


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Zaditen Eye Drops

Buy Zaditen Eye Drops for patients that suffer from seasonal allergic conjunctivitis. With the generic name of ketotifen, this medicine is used for short-term treatment as the ailments that it targets are seasonal and don’t really last for long.

Who benefits the most from Zaditen Eye Drops

This medication is best used by patients that experience inflammation and pain because of allergic reactions caused by seasonal conjunctivitis.

Areas Treated with Zaditen Eye Drops

This solution targets the eyes.

How does Zaditen Eye Drops work?

Zaditen Eye Drops is a topical sterile ophthalmic formulation containing the active ingredient ketotifen, an anti-inflammatory compound. It works by blocking the body’s allergic response, thereby reducing the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation. This solution is especially helpful to those who find that the allergic reaction manifests itself with extreme itching of the eyes, which not only distract from normal day-to-day life, but can also result in worse symptoms.

Treatment Details

Patient needs to ensure that their hands are clean or sanitized before applying this medication properly. The tip of the tube should not touch the eye, or any other surface of the body. The patient should tilt their head back, look up, and then pull down the lower eyelid of the affected eye/s. One drop of the solution should be placed on each affected eye, and then the patient must close their eyes for 2 to 3 minutes. The eye should not be rubbed. The patient should not use medication with contact lenses on, and the lenses should be put back in after 15 minutes have passed after application.

How long does Zaditen Eye Drops last?

The medication should be repeated as often and for as long as the doctor recommends. More often than not, the medication is no longer needed after the patient no longer observes any symptoms, but the final decision is still left to the doctor’s discretion.

Safety Information

Any patients who have demonstrated hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients in Zaditen Eye Drops, or any of its components. If a missed dose were to happen, the patient should not double-dose to make up for it. This solution is not recommended to use on children younger than 3 years old. Pregnant women should also consult the doctor before choosing this medication, while nursing mothers are cleared for it.

Other Side Effects 

Less serious possible side effects of Zaditen Eye Drops are:

  • Slight itching or redness
  • Mild burning, irritation, or stinging
  • Itchy or puffy eyelids
  • Extra sensitivity to light
  • Blurred vision

Serious side effects of this medicine include:

  • Severe burning, stinging, or irritation
  • Eye swelling, severe discomfort, redness

For a complete list of possible side-effects please consult the included package insert.

Recovery Time 

Patients should not use any contact lenses that have not been approved by the doctor. No other eye medication should be used unless cleared by the doctor either. Patient should also avoid driving or any activity that requires being able to see clearly when making use of this medication.

Cost of Zaditen Eye Drops

Zaditen Eye Drops on average costs $15 for 5ml of the solution.

Bottom line

Zaditen has shown to be quite effective at staving off the itchiness and pain caused by the allergic reaction from seasonal conjunctivitis. It comes highly recommended as it is both easy to use, and relatively safe for most of the population.

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