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Belotero Hydro

Buy Belotero Hydro to restore radiance and give hydration to your patients’ face. One of the newer products in the Belotero line by Merz Aesthetics, this product has been specifically formulated to combat dry skin and the plethora of imperfections that it brings with it. Aside from being a natural moisturizer the treatment also has a lot of other benefits for the face, and it has also been proven to be safe to use.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Any patient who is aged 18 and above is able to make use of this product for their skincare campaign. However, there are certain people who are more suited to use this product than others. This product is most beneficial for people who find themselves exposed to the sun often, and for those patients who smoke. When loss of firmness is observed, as well as the appearance of some fine lines, this solution is definitely effective.

Areas Treated by Belotero Hydro

Belotero Hydro can be quite effective when used on many areas of the skin, but in particular there are three areas where this solution shines brightest. These three areas are the face, the neck, and the back of the hands.

The face is one of the more obvious choices, as this is the part of the body where signs of aging are most apparent. When fine lines on the check and brow start to appear, patients can make use of Belotero Hydro to smoothen them out and give the face an overall radiant and rehydrated look.

The neck area is also a great spot to target Belotero Hydro. The product can tighten the skin around the neck, making it look and feel firmer.

The back of the hands will also show some fine lines as we age. Although not as readily apparent as the face, these wrinkles do sometimes show themselves, and this product can be used to reclaim former elasticity of the skin.

How Does Belotero Hydro Work?

Belotero Hydro contains hyaluronic acid  that is non-crosslinked with a high concentration as well as a high molecular weight. At 18mg/ml this ingredient is well known in the aesthetic medicine space as a hydrating agent, and it is also known as a great inhibitor of MMP, the degrader of collagen. Also contained in the formulation is glycerol at 21mg/ml. It is also a hydrating agent along with HA, but it can also act as a sort of protective sheath so that the hyaluronic acid degrades slower, meaning that the effects of the treatment last longer. Last but not the least, the mixture contains a phosphate-citrate buffer at a pH level of 7, which is there to maintain and adjust the physiological pH.

Treatment Details

For the first 2 months, there should be 2-3 injections done 30 days apart for the initial treatment phase. Following this, maintenance should be done at least once or twice a year, depending on the suggestion and determination of the doctor. This product should only be applied on patients by a licensed medical practitioner, and the included needle in the box should be the one used with the syringe. Once the target area has been disinfected, a local anesthetic may be applied. Injection is to be done into the superficial dermis or the dermo-epidermal junction, making use of the micro planar or multipuncture injection technique. Massaging of the target area after injection should be done to ensure even distribution of the solution.

How Long Does Belotero Hydro Last?

This particular treatment usually lasts around six to nine months, though results will differ depending on the lifestyle and physiology of the patient. Maintenance must also be observed in order for the longest lasting results.

Safety Information

This product is both CE marked and FDA approved. However, there are still some contraindications for certain people. People who have any allergies or hypersensitivities to any of the listed components should definitely not make use of this product. Breastfeeding and/or pregnant women should also avoid using this treatment, as well as minors. This product should not be applied to any part of the skin which has any type of inflammation or that could possibly be infected. Any areas with semi-permanent or permanent fillers should also not be targeted with this solution.  

Other Side Effects 

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Mild irritation
  • Discoloration
  • Nodules
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Tenderness

These are some of the more commonly observed side effects post-injection. They usually disappear from within a few hours to less than a week though.

Recovery Time

Belotero Hydro requires little to no down time for the patient and the patient can almost immediately return to normal day-to-day activities after the appointment.

Bottom Line

After all the clinic trials and standards that Belotero Hydro has undergone, it just goes to show how effective this product is. When it comes to hydration and revitalization of the skin, this product is one of the most effective, and safe to boot. Choose this product if you want a solution for your patients’ early signs of aging.

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