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Buy Coolsense for your patients who want some relief from pain caused by injections. The product is a device that makes it so that patients who are about to get an injection have a way to numb the target area in advance in order to lessen or even outright eliminate the pain received during the injection.

Who are the best candidates?

Coolsense is a great product for patients that make use of needles to treat various types of diseases, or for cosmetic use as well. It’s also safe to use on children, whether it be for needle pain caused by immunization, or those who makes use of needles on a regular basis.

Ailments targeted with Coolsense

Coolsense is a numbing applicator that targets any area of the body that will be injected with a needle.

How does Coolsense work?

This product is a medical device that cools the skin down in order to reduce injection pain. It targets the optimal temperature for the skin, and it does so quickly and effectively. It makes use of no chemicals, and is created with their patented Cryo system that also doesn’t leave behind any unwanted after effects. The Coolsense applicator head is temperature-controlled by electronics, and it also includes a disinfection mechanism containing an alcoholic gel, which is spread across the applicator’s metal surface. This will serve as additional protection against possible cold-burn.

Treatment Details

This product can be used by medical professionals, but is also simple enough to use without any prior training or qualifications. The machine should be stored in a freezer for minimum of an hour, and once taken out will be ready for use. The temperature on the side should indicate a temperature of between zero and negative four degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too low, leave it out until it is within the optimal range. Remove the cap, and ensure that it is face up so it doesn’t touch any surface. Ensure the tip of the metal pin contains the alcohol gel, place the pin on the injection site for about give seconds.

How long does it last?

The process for using Coolsense should be done immediately right before the injection.

Safety Information

This product can be used by infants, children, adults, and the elderly. The metal ti of the applicator just needs to be covered with an alcoholic gel or other disinfectant to ensure safety.

Other Side Effects 

It’s possible to get cold burn or an infection when using this device. However, making sure that a strong disinfectant like alcoholic gel on the tip of the device can significantly lower the chances of getting these side effects.

Recovery Time 

There is no recovery time as the injection will be performed immediately after the applicator has finished cooling the area of skin targeted for injection.

Cost of Coolsense  

Coolsense Applicators average for around $99 per package.

Bottom line

Coolsense is an amazing product that makes it so patients who have always dreaded the moment of injection feel at ease. Depending on the patient, they might still feel a slight prick, but because of how Coolsense works, it still makes it almost negligible.

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