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Hyalase 1500 IU

Buy Hyalase 1500 IU to enhance effectivity of other injections. This product is a powder that is used in conjunction with other solutions for injection or infusion, and will also increase the permeation of intramuscular or subcutaneous infusions or injections, assuring the best possible spread of the other product in the target area for correction.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

This product can be used with almost every other injection out there on the market, but there are still some physical incompatibilities to be reported with heparin and adrenaline, however, in actual clinical practice, markedly low concentrations of adrenaline have been mixed together with hyaluronidase without any problems showing. Furosemide, phenytoin, and the benzodiazepines though are very incompatible with the product.

Areas Treated with Hyalase 1500 IU

This product does not target any particular part of the patients’ body, as it is to be used together with certain infusions and injectable treatments in order to assure even and wide spread.

How does Hyalase 1500 IU work?

Hyalase 1500 IU, also known as Hyaluronidase 1500 IU is a freeze-dried powder that is contained inside a neutral glass ampoule, and this substance contains 1500 international units of the active ingredient. Hyaluronidase is actually an enzyme which has reversible and temporary depolymerizing effects on hyaluronic acid.

This is especially useful in certain injectables and infusions which have a level of viscosity which is too high for optimal dispersion throughout the area of correction. Although being viscous in and of itself does not mean that the product is ineffective and inefficient, there are still some cases where a little more liquidity is advisable and advantageous.

A common use of hyaluronidase is in ophthalmic surgery applications, wherein the enzyme is used in combination with local anesthetics to make sure that the dispersion speed and delivery of the solution is optimal. Another use of this product is also for the promotion of excess fluid and blood resorption in the tissues.

Treatment Details

There are different posologies for different cases, however the use of this product should only be limited to medical professionals who have the necessary training and experience for its usage in combination with other medical devices.

Subcutaneous infusion or hypodermoclysis – All 1500 international units of the product is mixed with 1ml of water for the injection, or normal saline. It is then injected into the site of correction before the actual infusion is set up. This can also be injected into the tubing of the infusion set 2cm behind from the needle at the start of infusion. 1500 IU is optimal for 500-1000ml of most fluid administrations, but care should always be taken when this is used on the elderly or young children where it is usually used to control total volume and speed of the administered fluid.

With local anesthetics – All 1500 IU is mixed with an amount of the local anesthetic treatment that is used in ophthalmology. The balance is 15iu per ml of the anesthetic.

Hematomas – 1500 IU dissolved in water at 1ml for injection, but normal saline can also be used and is then injected into the affected area.

Subcutaneous or intramuscular injections – The prescribed 1500 IU should be dissolved in the solution which is to be injected directly.

Extravasation – When the indication is focused on dispersal rather than localization, 1500 IU of hyaluronidase is mixed in 1ml of water, or even combined directly with the other solution.

How Long Does Hyalase 1500 IU Last?

This is mixed in with the other solution or treatment as advised by the different cases where the product’s use is recommended. When it comes to shelf life, this solution is only guaranteed for 12 months when stored at room temperature, or 25 degrees Celsius. Once the container or ampoule is opened, the powder should then be used immediately.

Safety Information

This product should not be used on patients who have any hypersensitivities or allergies to the hyaluronidase. This product is also not developed for use on injections that are intravenous in nature, nor should it be used to reduce the swelling found in stings or bites, or any other site wherein malignancy or infection can be found. In the cases of unexplained premature labor, it should also not be used in anesthetic procedures.

Other Side Effects 

Edema when associated with hypodermoclysis

Allergic reactions

Periorbital edema

Local irritation



Recovery Time

No reported downtime or recovery time needed when used. Precautions or recommended recover time, if any, is indicated with the paired solution and not Hyalase 1500 IU.

Cost of Hyalase 1500 IU

Each unit of package of this product is usually packed with 10 ampoules, each one made of neutral glass with a size of 1mL costs at around $20 on average.

Bottom Line

This product might have very specific uses, but the actual amount contained in each ampoule has been specifically determined to have the optimal level for the various cases where hyaluronidase is needed. Having this in stock is essential with any clinic, and it also has a relatively long shelf life at an extremely affordable price point.

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